At Edgware Motor Rubber & Trim we supply and ship worldwide, seals, mouldings, carpets and many other items to the classic, contemporary car, engineering and many other industries. Talking of classic cars, we are always surprised at how many Morris Minors we see on our travels considering they ceased to be in production almost 50 years ago. Apparently, in the UK there are approximately 8000 currently being driven and a further 5000 not on the road but hopefully being restored.
Designed by Alec Issigonis who also designed the original Mini, the Minor was launched in 1948 with the main aim of having maximum interior space for its size and also to have good roadholding. The Morris Minor was the first British car to sell over 1 million with over 1.5 million being made until production finished in 1972. 
Originally launched as a two door saloon and a convertible it was shortly followed by a four door saloon and an estate model called the Traveller which was affectionately known as a Woody due to its exterior wooden frame as well as a van and pick up version.
Interestingly, just before launch, Issigonis decided that the car was not spacious enough so he added 4 inches to the width which also helped to accommodate a larger engine to the one which had already been planned. The bumpers had already been produced, so to save wastage a 4 inch plate was added to the centre to widen them and these can be seen on the very early models.
The original engine was 918cc and had a top speed of about 60mph and took more than 50 seconds to reach it! However this was drastically improved to around 30 seconds and a top speed of 77mph after various upgrades.

Robert Rimm

2 Door Saloon
‘Woody’ Traveller
1948 Minor with 4″ Plate on bumper
(pic Simon Geoghegan)