At Edgware Motor Rubber & Trim we supply and ship worldwide, seals, mouldings, carpets and many other items to classic car and caravan restorers and self builders as well as to the contemporary car, marine and engineering industries and many others. One such classic being the FORD ANGLIA (105E & 123E).Surely one of the most  instantly recognisable cars ever built. 

105E Deluxe

These were last versions of the Ford Anglia.  The 105E with a 997cc engine producing 39bhp and a 0-60 time of 30 seconds was introduced in 1959 with an estate version added in 1961. This was  followed in 1962 by the Anglia Super (123E) with a 1200cc engine which produced 50bhp and a quicker 0-60 of 21.5 seconds and came better equipped with such luxuries as a cigarette lighter, screen washers and carpet in place of the moulded rubber floor. It also came with a contrasting coloured roof and side panels. Prices started at around £600 for the basic model.

A trio of Anglias including the red estate.

The styling was a huge leap forward when compared to its  predecessor the Anglia 100E which subsequently became the 100E Popular which sold beneath the 105E.

The distinctive style was epitomised by the reverse rake window which, according to Fords marketing department ,created more headroom and better rearward vision, particularly if it was raining. It’s believed that the rear window was inspired by the 1958 Lincoln Continental that had the same feature and was designed by American car designer, Elwood Engel, who was working at the Ford development centre in Birmingham during the time  that the Anglia was being developed. It’s likely that he also influenced the understated American style fins on the rear wings as well as the hooded headlights.

American style fins and reverse rake window

Ford ended production of the Anglia in 1967 having sold over 1,000,000. According to records there are approximately 2000 still in existence.

Finally, a flying version was also produced as can be seen in the Harry Potter films but for some reason sales never took off!!!

Robert Rimm