At Edgware Motor Rubber & Trim we supply and ship worldwide, seals, mouldings, carpets and many other items to classic car and caravan restorers and self builders as well as to the contemporary car and engineering industries and many others. 

One of the many items we sell are running board treads and we received a call a while back to supply some for an Aston Martin DB2/4. Strange, we thought, this car doesn’t have running boards. After much head scratching and research (and a call to the customer) it turned out that they were for the boot area as shown below. 

The DB2 first appeared in 1950 as a 2 seater coupe. It was followed in 1953 by the DB2/4 which was a 4 seater and was possibly the worlds first hatchback. Although it was a 4 seater the body was not lengthened from the original DB2 version but the roofline was raised slightly giving rear seat passengers more room, however the rear 2 seats were very cramped but with them folded down there was large luggage space. 

There was also a 2 seat drophead and fixed head versions. Interestingly a DB2 drophead was driven by Tippi Hedren in the classic Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’.

 764 cars were made in total of which approximately 50 still exist in the UK. It was equipped with a 2.6 litre engine which produced 125 bhp and a 0-60 time of 12.5  seconds and was designed by Bentley and used to power Lagondas. The engine was upgraded to 2.9 litres in the Mk II which was introduced in 1955 costing £2,600. This engine produced 165 BHP and reached 60mph in approximately 10.5 seconds which was considered fast for the day. 

The DB 2/4 shown below was purchased new in 1954 for £2621 and is currently on sale after several restorations for approximately £300,000.

Robert Rimm